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A to Z Consignment Liquidators provides consignment liquidation services nationally for commercial overstock items, inventory close outs, used equipment, furniture and just about anything of value.

We are often able to put buyers and sellers together through our extensive sales network, mailings or Internet presence. Buyers worldwide visit our sales websites daily seeking items just like the one you want to get rid of!


We are Better Because...

  • WE ARE FREE!  We don't take a percentage of the sale like eBay and other liquidation services.

  • We have a national pro sales staff actively selling YOUR products

  • We invest our money to promote your products nationally

  • We use our extensive network of wholesale and retail buyers who purchase products just like yours.

  • We have a proven track record of being able to liquidate products effectively and on time - all the time.




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With our national sales and supply channel, we are able to present your inventory to individuals and companies who are more than familiar with your specific types of product and who have existing markets to which they can readily use your items.


We recognize the sensitivity of these types of transactions and are very much aware of the importance of protecting our client’s name and distribution networks. As in all our endeavors, we adhere to the utmost of ethical standards and practices.


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